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Fun With Uncle While Watching TV

Shikha was in her early teens. Also, her boobs were growing bigger and faster than other girls her age. She must be a 32 C but she still wore just a slip. Her mother insisted she starts wearing a bra, as her boobs would swing when she ran or even walked a little faster, but […]

Thrilling Sex With My Cousin Sister

Hi everyone, myself chakravarthy 25 male. I am a regular reader. This site is really a big platform for those who can share their experiences and for those who read stories and enjoy. This is my first story in this site, please ignore if I do any mistake and comment to recover my mistakes. Coming […]

Friend’s Friend Surprised Me

So when I am doing my college I have one girl friend who looks ok type and her friend she looks wow in a different way which I found after fucked her. Her name is ramya who looks so lean and skinny. She is 5.5″ tall 20b cup boobs with 26 hip so she looks […]

A Night With Grandmom (Naani)

I was born and brought up in Gurgaon with a very educated parents and my mom who married at the age of 19 gave birth to me when she was just 20. She is an epitome of beauty and sexiness and had some figures which I as her son also go crazy for. Imagine the […]

Me And My Rekha Mami

Hi friends I am Ashish a normal and shy 22 yr old college going boy. This is for the first time I am putting down my sexual experience online. Hope you guys like it and encourage me for more, because I have lots to say.It happened around 4 yrs back, at a relatives marriage ceremony. […]

Prema Sets Me Up With Another Girl

A little brief about my Prema my maid. She was a 34 year old Maharashtrian lady, around 5.2 tall with a very petite and nice figure. She had lovely small tits (32 size) and round butts. She always used to wear a 9-yard sari and kept herself very clean. I was around 18 years old, […]

A Public Bus Journey

Hey, I am gonna write about my sexual adventures that happened when I was in high-school. I will not be mentioning my name, for obvious reasons. I was 18, at the time. 5 foot 9. My breasts are well rounded and big. Curvy hips and big well rounded ass. I had long legs. White in […]

Seduction At Its Peak With Classmate

Hi everyone..This is Rohith.A young fellow of age 22. I am good looking and slim guy who is working for good MNC in chennai. Basically I am from Andhra Pradesh. Coming to Story it was happened few weeks back where seduction was at peak. She is Reshma. She is having good figure and pretty looks. […]

New World Introduced By An Angel

Hello this is Anurag from Hyderabad posting my very first experience and story which was happen couple of weeks back.This is my first story to post and write so I beg you are pardon if you find any errors/mistakes in my story hope that readers really love and enjoy this story of mine.Comments and suggestions […]

The Innocent Maid Became My Wife

Hi everyone, my name is Prakash from New Delhi. I am eighteen years old. This story happened two months ago. I am 6ft and 5inches tall. I have hard-six packs that girls in my school trip for. I live with my parents and innocent maid, Shweta. She is like my sister as my parents found […]

Virginity Lost To My Sweet Aunty

Hi friends I am Marion This is the true story of my virginity lost to my sweet aunty when I was 17 years old Let me tell you about my parents. I am the only child my father works abroad and my mother is a housewife she is typical south Indian. Whenever my father comes […]

Unexpected Turn – Event Of A Lifetime

Hey all this is Raj, 23 from Bangalore. This is story of mine having sex with an unexpected person and how it turned out to be one of the best ever had. The story begins when I completed my boards exam and waiting for the results. During that time my family decided to go on […]

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