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My Reader Was Really Impress With Me

One of my reader was impress with me and this story is about that now. As I always say girls wont come so easily for sex as it is. Dunno why people are writing or coming up stories which does not involve real life. It is not so easy to have a session. And truly […]

Friends Played Under The Blanket

This is a true story about something that happened earlier this year on a visit to Goa. My family wanted to take a break and go on a vacation but I wasn’t too keen since going to Goa with parents would be a bit of a bore. I can’t drink, can’t stay up late. The […]

Explosion Of Pure Lust With My Cousin

This is a story of Pure Lust between me and my cousin while on vacation. My name is Kannan 24 and I studied in Chennai. I am 5.11 ft height, fair in color and well built body. Everything started when I was in my 12th vacation. She is my cousin and just one year younger. […]

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