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My sister Calculated Length Of My Cock

I am from Bangalore. Here I am going to tell you the incident happen between me and my sister. Let me tell about my introduction I am software engineer and wife is also a software engineer. Please forgive me if any mistakes. Basically we are from Andhra and stayed in Bangalore. Let’s begin the hot […]

She Was changing Her Dress Only

This is vignesh from chennai and I am going to narrate a real incident which changed my life. This is a true story with 100% real incidents how things happened. This story is about me and my neighbour – gayathri. I am vignesh, age 29, married to my wife – priya with 1 year child. We […]

Neighbor Lady Planned To Seduce Me

The doorbell rang… Harish dreaded opening the door…he instinctively knew it would be his neighbor lady Hema who would be begging for some sugar , milk , tea , veggies etc… She would never return the stuff that she borrowed …. What Harish really hated was about her was her timing.. She always rang the […]

Sex With Maid While Wife Was Away

To describe the maid, she is slim tall not so fair but very attractive. This happened when I came home for my holidays last month.. It’s been more than 6 months since I last went home.. And when I reached I was quite surprised to find out that we had a new maid.. Her name […]

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