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Desi Wife Devika- A Honeymoon Revenge

Prologue: We had been married just for 2 days and the cool breeze of the midnight brushed past me. We were in the magical mauritius for our honeymoon… my thoughts were running insane. The marriage ceremony was brilliant and we were both tired as hell during the wedding night and slept it off to glory. […]

Maa Ka Sex Papa and Friend Key Saath

Hi dosto mai vikram delhi ka rhne wala ye meri pheli story hai jo ki mare maa ka bare me hai mera maa ka. Name aarti unki figure sexy aunties jaisi hai..Unka figure 36-38 40 hai.Mummy jab bhi ghar ke bhar jati to jaannbhuj kr chote and sexy dress phenti thi .Gali ki sare mard […]

Cuckold Feelings Share By A Cuckold

I am 34 single male from UK. I am Indian. I have been reading sex stories and watching porn since many years. My favorites are wife sharing and cuckoldry. Honestly I would like be Cuckold myself. I have cuckold feelings and like to be submissive in bed. I personally find men very strong and powerful. […]

Submissive Sissy Paid For Wife Fucking

It all started with a mail, which read, “interested in a sexy wife”, who would deny a chance, I replied surely, a sexy photo would do, next day what I get is not what I was prepared for, I see a lady in her early thirties. she is in a black bikini by a billiards […]

Sissy Husband Cuckolded By Wife

Hi all, this is not completely fiction, the whole thing is not a reality, premise is real and have added my imagination and interpretation. This story is regarding ramesh and his beautiful wife sahana, ramesh is a graduate from andhra who comes to delhi in serach of job, and he lands up in a job […]

Beautiful Navel of My Friend’s Wife

The most beautiful thing in this world is woman…And off the many beautiful things in a woman..I think their navel is the best…And if that navel is your friend’s wife navel…It really adds to the spice of the temptation..And this story is all about the beautiful navel of my friend’s wife..And how I enjoyed her […]

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