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The Tech Guy Fun With Desperate Wife

This is story of a desperate wife getting screw by a tech guy. So this just happened, well a few hours ago anyway but while I am still breathing hot and heavy from it I need to share…

I will go back to the beginning but first, a bit about me: I have been happily married for almost 13 years. I have only ever been sexual with my husband and to this day we have great sex. But at 32yrs old I am experiencing some of the strongest desires ever.

Also I am somewhat petite at 5’2” tall and 114lbs, I am very active. I have considerable muscle tone as I run every chance I can. I love to run; it keeps me feeling great plus it really helps me burn some of this desire energy that my vibrators can’t take care of.

My husband and I are both completely technologically dumb. We don’t have a computer or internet in our home but we both have a smart phone. That we barely understand how to use and this is where my story began. While out running I manage to get my phone wet and it quit working!

I found a repair shop in the nearby town and took it in. This is a small town, a small repair shop, and only one guy, the ‘tech guy’ who owns and works there. When I first went in and talked to him about my phone I found myself strangely attracted to him. His handsome looks and tall slender body beneath a nice dress style caught my attention. Bt his voice and the way he looked at me while listening to me explain my dilemma had me a bit mesmerized.

Then when he took my phone from me and his fingers touched my hand. I felt a chill run right up through my arm. I left my phone there and planned to step back in a couple of days with the hope that he could fix it. When I left, I couldn’t get my mind out of the gutter. I kept thinking about him and that chill that made my skin all tingly. It didn’t take long for me to have several good orgasms after I got home, while using my magic wand vibrator. I just kept re-feeling that tingly sensation and hearing his voice as I lifted my hips up, pushing into my vibrating wand – it was quite pleasing.

Throughout the next couple of days, I found myself continually going back to that moment. I felt somewhat guilty as I thought about it while my husband orally pleased me. It’s a miracle he couldn’t read my thoughts because I was pulling his head and thrusting my hips into his face. A bit more than I normally do and my orgasms were definitely more intense. I was wondering how the tech guy would be. He was quite a bit taller and seemed more muscular than my husband. After the sex with my husband, I felt a bit guilty. I would never want to hurt my husband’s feelings and I would never want to damage my relationship! It’s just a pleasant infatuation, I told myself.

The day came, I had to go in and see if my phone was fixed. I felt excited and put on my white day dress that hugged my body perfectly while revealing my muscular legs. I felt like all of my thoughts and excited feelings were sweating out of me as I walked into his shop.

He greeted me with a great smile and I felt like I stuttered incoherently as I greeted him back. My gutterful infatuation subsided a bit when he said, “I have good news for you” and he told me he fixed my phone. I was so happy about that! While he was explaining the repair to me and it all went over my head as I listened. I stopped him and told him I really barely know how to use this phone.

This part is instrumental in my story because he began to ask me what I wanted to learn. He even showed me some basic things that I never knew this phone could do. Honestly, I use it primarily for calling, texting, and music while I run. Thinking back on that moment – I was feeling nervous, completely submissive, completely vulnerable to him as my clitoris was screaming out to his ‘deaf’ ears to pleasure me.

Nothing more happened. I left his shop quite hot and bothered but very happy. For your reading pleasure I will tell you that I nearly broke my magic wand vibrator when I got home. My pussy was a wet mess but felt well worked over after I got done imagining the tech guy fixing my desires.

Several months went by and my phone continued to work perfectly but I still felt so dumb when using it. My sex drive continued to be the same, maybe a bit stronger, but it was nothing my vibrator and husband couldn’t satisfy. I would tease my husband while he was at work as I got creative and dressed in clothes he never knew I had, posing for my phone camera now that I knew how to use the delay timer to take shots, then texting the pictures to him.

Thanks tech guy ! I still wondered about him and had the occasional vibrating orgasmic fantasy as I thought of his hands on my naked body. Then the thought came to mind! I need to see him again but how?

While I was running I came up with a plan to go to the tech shop and ask for some help with something on my phone, with something I wanted to do but didn’t know how to do… but what? I was thinking about the erotic pictures I took of myself and sent to my husband, which I kept deleting off my phone right after I sent them because the last thing I need or want is for my mother or friends to see those pictures! I don’t have a lock on my phone and I often let them look at my ‘good’ pictures.

That’s it! There has to be a way to hide pictures? But this tech guy who I sometimes have orgasms over would be wondering what sort of pictures I am hiding… that could be embarrassing. My sexual desires are peaking, I don’t care! In fact, I am going to take a couple erotic pictures of myself, send them to my husband and then accidentally forget to delete them from my phone!

So, today is the day. I purposefully refrained from pleasuring myself for the last few days while thinking of this plan. I had an early morning spa treatment scheduled, a hot waxing, then I soaked in my tub for an hour while mentally rehearsing before I created some erotic pictures, nothing too ‘slutty,’ just pictures of me showing my muscular legs while wearing a thong and tight shirt that allowed my small breasts but firm nipples to show through.

There is wine involved but not too much to keep me from safely driving back into town, hoping the tech guy will be there and not busy. I am nervous as hell but hell bent on this desire train driven by tingly skin sensations and the wonder of it all.

There it is, the same “hello” greeting and the same feeling of stuttering and tripping over myself as I walked in to his shop and felt like turning around and running… he sees my nervousness right? He sees my perspiration?

I stood at the counter while he stood on the other side and listened to me explain, “I am hoping you can show me something on my phone, I want to know if there is some way I can hide certain pictures that I don’t want someone else to see?” “Yes, absolutely,” he said. “I can show you how to download an application that will work for you.” He then reached for my phone as I handed it to him.

Again, I felt his fingers and that tingly sensation was strong this time. I watch the phone as he show me how to find this application, download it, and then get it set up. “I will show you how to put photos in this application, to hide,” he said. Then I felt numb, paralyzed… there is no stopping this now. He asked, “do you mind if I open your photo album?” “It’s Ok,” I said. And he opened the photos as we both looked at my phone screen.

I played it out the best I had mentally rehearsed and I cupped my hand over my mouth, though I really did feel a bit embarrassed, then I said, “OMG, I am sorry, I forgot those pictures were there, I took them for my husband” as he could clearly see the small pictures of me posing sexually.

“It’s Ok,” he said. “These are the ones you want to hide, right?” “Yes,” I said as I continued to nervously hide my plan and embarrassment. He was calm but I thought he seem surprised and quiet. Then he said, “if you don’t mind me saying, your husband is very lucky and I truly hope he gets as much pleasure out of those pictures as I am.” Then he clicked on one of the pictures and it opened larger and I stood there frozen, staring at my phone in his hands.

He then showed me how to move the picture into the application to hide them and he did this with all of the erotic pictures I took. I felt so turned on, so horny, I wanted to jump over the counter and fulfill my desires!

“So, that is all there is to that,” he said as he handed my phone back to me. I looked at him and said, “it’s perfect, thank you so much… what do I owe you?” He hesitated as he looked back at me and said, “I feel well compensated for my service, thank you, you are incredibly sexy and I am a bit jealous that your husband gets such treats.” He smiled at me as we looked at each other for what seemed like a moment in time that stood still. Then I blurted it out, “will you fuck me?”

This tall handsome man seemed to just stand there as he stared back at me. I felt like I was sweating profusely, my nerves were causing me to shake, but my pussy felt so wet and in need of him. Then he said, “I would be happy to show you some more things” and he turned and walked to his front door, hung a sign up, locked the door and said, “follow me.”

I followed him into a small back office with an empty desk. He closed the door behind me as I went in. He then told me quietly, “we have to be quiet, these walls are thin and people in the building might hear us.” I felt his breath on my ear as he leaned in close to tell me this but then his hands touched my arms and I began to ‘melt.’ Then He gently pushed me up against the desk, his hands lifted my hair as he held the back of my neck and he kissed my lips.

Then I wasn’t expecting to kiss, but I wasn’t stopping now. I couldn’t stop if I wanted. I pressed my lips harder into his and let my tongue taste while my hands instinctively felt the front of his jeans – I felt his bulge an it turned me on even more.

He pulled back from the kiss and helped me slip out of my day dress. Then he sat down in the chair as I stood between him and the desk. My eyes locked on his eyes as he watched me remove my bra and panties. We were speechless, we had to be quiet, but our eyes are screaming with desire.

I stood naked, completely at his mercy. He reached out and touched my hips. His hands slid up the side of my body and he cupped my breasts, gently rolling my nipples between his fingers. Then his hands slid down, over my hips, down the sides of my legs. My muscles were tense as he felt them.

He slid his hands all the way down to my feet, leaning into me, his face so close to my pussy as I just stood there waiting for him to have his way. Then he sat up again, still in the chair, and he turned me around so I was facing this empty desk. He gently pushed on my upper back, causing me to bend down over the desk. His hands slid down my sides to my hips as I leaned over on this desk.

I felt his hands on my ass, he cued me with his feet to spread my legs apart more. I couldn’t see him, but felt his warm hands, then his breath on my ass. He cupped my ass cheeks firmly, opening me up gently, and his fingers were so close to my pussy. Then I felt his tongue as it pushed my lips apart. My whole body tensed up and I wanted to moan but couldn’t. He licked my pussy delightfully as he pushed open my lips to find my throbbing clitoris. His face pressing into me, his nose breathing hot air on my asshole, I was soaking wet.

His tongue was great, he could flick my clitoris rapidly and I loved it but I needed to know what that bulge was in his pants. I need to feel his cock. So, I stood up, turned around, leaned down and kissed his wet mouth, tasting myself on him. Then I pulled on his hand to get him to stand up. When he did I went down, unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped them, and worked them down.

His cock was nice! He shaves! My husband does not shave. His cock was considerably bigger than my husbands. As I kneeled there with his throbbing shaft right in my face I admired with excitement. I cupped his shaved balls in my hand and licked up the length of his shaft to the head. I looked up at his face as my tongue reached the head and his head was tipped back in joy.

Wasting no time I pulled his cock down and wrapped my lips around it. Sucking my way down it as far as I could take it. His head plugged up the back of my throat. My gag reflex kicked in but I struggled through it and sucked on him until I could taste his precum.

He pulled me up and we both stood there, our bodies pressing into each other, then he kissed me again as he pushed me onto the desk and made me lay down. The height was just right. His throbbing shaft pressing against my wet pussy. He took my legs by the ankles and held me open as he pressed into me. The suspense is killing me! I’ve only ever had one man in me and this tech guy was larger than what I have had.

I reached down and guided him in. He slowly pushed just the head in and pulled out. Then in again and I was trying to push onto him but he had my ankles and I couldn’t move much on the desk. I held myself up as much as I could and watched as he fed my pussy more, inch by inch, until his cock was deep in me. Slowly he fucked me. Slowly but deep and when he was all the way in he would push into me harder.

I felt his balls pressing into my asshole. It hurt! My pussy was not deep enough for him but I couldn’t stop, I needed more. My facial expressions must have shown the pain because he pulled back and asked me quietly if I was ok. “fuck me” I quietly mouthed back at him and reached for his body, trying to pull him back into me.

I was squeezing down on his shaft with all my might, my pussy clamped as tightly as I could. Reaching down and rubbing my clit while he fucked me brought me to several intense new levels of climax. Then he pulled out and took a small step back, breathing heavy.

“I should have wore a condom” he said. “Did you cum?” I asked. “No, no, but you know some escaped” and I said, “I think we’re ok but you need to cum now”. Then I got up off the desk and turn him around so he was leaning against the desk. I sat in his chair right in front of him and put my oral skills to work on his still rock hard shaft.

I could tell he was close because he tried to pull out of my mouth but with one hand I had his ass firmly gripped, digging my nails in even, and with my other hand I had his balls in a firm grip. He exhaled rather loud as he erupted in my mouth. I swallowed all of him and it felt like a gallon as I practically gagged but I managed. I didn’t stop until I felt him start to go limp in my mouth and he sat back on the desk exhausted.

Then I sat back, looked up at his face of joy and smiled at him.

“give me a minute” he said. “I will get you some wet towels and something to drink.” And he quickly dressed and left the room. He wasn’t gone long but while he was I just sat back in his chair. Put my bare feet up on the edge of his desk and let out a deep breath. I felt like I could sleep for a day. I felt completely satisfied.

He came back in with some wet paper towels. We didn’t say much but after I got dressed he said, “I hope you can remember how to do these things on your phone now”. I just smiled back and said, “I think I will remember just fine, but don’t worry, I will come back if I need more help.”

So yeah, that just happened … I am going to soak in the tub again now, enjoy more wine and then take a nap. My husband will be home in about 3 hours so I need to be back to normal by then.

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