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The First Sex as Gigolo

Hi …

This Suresh from Tiruppur,Tamil Nadu…I am the big fan of this site … I have been regular reader of this site for the past 4 years…

I am the private gigolo and a sperm donor looking for more customer who are in need for pleasure.. Can contact me any time

Coming to the story… I have a intentions in sex for past 6 years and I have further checked in google and I came to about a gigolo …. I too started surfing and fount and that person demanding 5,000 for and after that only I came to know its a fraud one….

Then I came to know about lo canto I posted an add…. I have been waited for 3 weeks and a reply came from a lady named Shilpa(name changed…) and I asked about the details and answer her questions patiently and she accepted the proposal and after that we exchanged our numbers and we planed to meet and she booked a room in Tiruppur and I was waiting for her arrival.. And she arrived and we had a casual talk and we had dinner and we came to know about our self she paid the bill and we back to room and we were in our deep french kiss and we were in full mood….

We began to undress one self and she took tip of my monster in her mouth and felt my sticky pee cum over my tongue and I grunted in pleasure in a low voice. Though she was excited but still she was hesitant in doing that but she tried overcoming my hesitation and continued, she sucked tip of his thick monster repeatedly and I moaned sexily in rising excitement.

For her feeling was horrible but she just went on going, may be because I was enjoying, and moans were arousing me. Holding his thick rod and moving it back and forward tenderly I was sucking hardly one forth of his monster lengths and I felt it getting harder and harder with every passing seconds.

My thick and rough tongue sent some sort of electric current in my body; she shivered thickly in strange sensation and instantly gripped her from his scalp while grunting erotically. My state aroused him a bit and holding my inner thighs and stretching them bit more wider he just continued licking my opening as kids lick ice cream and I felt like going crazy in strange pleasure.

Again she wanted me inside her so I decided go for further action…. She spread her legs and inviting me to insert it… I slowly inserted and continued fastly as time goes on …. She is on her top of her mood and I too rammed her how much fast I can …. She was shouting in pleasure “ahhhhhhhhh……….. Mm mm mm……………… Fuck me …………… Fuck me………… Fuck me…………….. As on of bitch ….. Mmm mmm mmmmm mmmmm mmmm ahhhhh hhhh hhhh hhh yes yes yes…………. Please faster a” I got more horny by hearing these words and rammed as fast I could …..And we both reached climax…….. She felt very satisfied but I didn’t…

I asked her whether I can fuck her said without any hesitation she came doggy style and I liked her ass…… She was aroused and I applied oil in my cock and inserted slowly…. C was crying in her and with much effort I fully inserted and rammed her …. She was going crazy and I could see tears in her eyes and I rammed continuously for 20 mins and I felt of cumming … C turned and open her mouth I chummed in her face and mouth … I could feel a big satisfaction……

After that we got freshen up and lied on the bed….After that we got freshen up and lied on the bed…. When I woke up its time and we order the food and we had both had our food …. And she was so excited and asked me to take her shopping.. Without any hesitate I took her for shopping and we returned to the room and try out the some outfits and she look more sexier in her new outfit …

Then we had a new type of sex in the wash room…. We both had some chocolate and I pour it fully on her body and its look gorgeous and I started to lick her body one by one from head to toe she was moaning heavily ….. Shhhhhhh ………….. Mmmm …………. Sss …. Lick it and she was in more mood.. And its her turn and she directly put on my cock and she started to enjoy every bit of it….. And we had a nice shower and sex under shower and we came to the bed and we had rest for some time …

After that I was playing with her boobs and she enjoyed it more and started to suck as a hungry dog and after 15 minutes I could she her face a full of satisfaction in her eyes and she said I love you and I too replied me to and I again started to lick her pussy and insert my finger and started to give her pleasure she too moaned heavily………..

It lasted for more than 20 minutes and she cum two times .. And we had a another session of sex and we have enjoyed a lot and we both reached climax at a same time and I lied on her and slept like a baby … after 2 hours I woke and I felt its time for me too leave …I informed her and her face looked dull….. Again we had a quick session and she gave me a deep french kiss.. And gave me a gift and c told not to open in public…. I bid good bye … When I reached home and opened the gift she had paid me the huge amount than I have expected….

Hope you all enjoyed this story I surely need feed backs from you guys… If any ladies or women need sex or massage service in Tamil Nadu don’t hesitate to mail me ….. Thank you….


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