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Trap That Made Me Enjoy My First Sex

Hi readers!! Born and brought up in a subtle upper middle class family residing in Southern part of New Delhi, fortunately enough making me a handsome guy with fair complexion and smart yet slapstick sense of humor. An athletic body with high amount of libido makes me horny however always being discreet of my escapades. it was my long awaited wish to share my true incidence, though would only revert to mails or chats of people truly concerned of discretion!!

This happened few years back reminding me of my crazy courage and inevitable desire of its repetition. I was alone in the house watching porn on my lappi and a sudden long doorbell took away the pleasure time. Upon opening the door, like in typical Bollywood movies or every guy’s fantasy, a fair, young and attractive female was asking for our neighbor’s locked door.

She wanted to use the washroom urgently which I readily accepted like an innocent young guy thinking from lower parts of the body. Instead of thinking what was taking her so long in washroom I was concentrating on how to advance on her perfectly shaped boobs. Was thinking to be subtle and courteous by offering a beverage, like we are fed since childhood and I heard a sweet voice “Can I have some water, its really hot outside”.

Giving water after making her comfortable in an air conditioned drawing room, I noticed her being restless and observing the house, interiors, windows etc in a weird manner.

Girls!! They have a chronic habit of unnecessary observation unlike us men – voice of my sub-conscious mind. Ignoring the prevailing inner conflicts between my eyes which were delighted to check out the sight of a gorgeous figure, my heart which was pumping 20 times faster and if I m not wrong I remember my shivering hands and an absolute dry throat, I was glaring on her perfectly aligned cleavage and milky thighs which were being revealed from her body hugging top and skirt, while she was engrossed in her mobile.

There was something weird happening which was not making a connection between my eyes, heart and mind. Finally I decided to think about my still turned out dick and plunge into the situation.

Before I could utter a word she responded nice house and introduced herself as Richa, a student from a reputed College pursuing English hons, resident of Hauz Khas and came to meet her college friend in the adjacent house.

Finally the battle of inner conflicts was won by my mind, I realized, irrespective of how glamorous the situation may be, such abso-fucking-lutely luck happens either in a Bhojpuri movie or our fake fantasy stories.

Following were further realizations:

1. A girl leaking out so much information about her at one go to a stranger..too good to be true.

2. There is no college going girl as my neighbor.

3. I am studying Eco Hons at that college only and have never seen her with Eng hons chicks.

4. Continuous barking of Scotch (my dog) at the gate.

5. Her continuous checking of her mobile indicated that she is not alone and her somebody are in continuous touch with her.

This is a trap, she is fraud, quite a sexy fraud though. The only thing saved me was either immediate door closure after her entering or Scotch. Anyways, blood started boiling inside me and years of sports that had made my body and stamina was now in for a test. Will I get into a violent battle and be declared as a stud after bashing her gang members, and suddenly I realized she has understood the gravity of situation by my expressions and was visibly uncomfortable.

Should I call the police or you want to make a deal. Quite a heroic. With further interrogation, loud voice, cop threatening and 1 slap, the deal was finally settled for a nice blowjob. If she bites my dick and run to open the door. I couldn’t have taken the risk and I demanded a good fuck. She agreed upon offering a promise to let her go, no usage of mobile and Rs. 5k, which I though was worth Richa.

We entered in a nice kiss after tying her hands on her back. Surprisingly, she was a good kisser, she readily accepted my tongue exploring her mouth. She was alternatively sucking my lower lips and flicking her tongue on my lips. My hands were exploring her round boobs which were firm, I realized her pink nipples and went crazy on them. I was sucking on her boobs, licking her nipples, biting her boobs and her moans were just turning me on and enhancing my performance.

Removal of clothes was then a mere formality, my hands were feeling her entire body while we were still kissing. I cupped her boob and started licking and gently sucking her neck and collar bone. Her moans were increasing. I started going down, licking her boobs, naval area, tummy, inner thighs then back after turning her and making her in doggy position.

I wanted to lick her pussy but I realized, though she should not be deprived of pleasure yet she is not my gf to get an exclusive satisfaction, hence I asked her to go down on her knees.

All my porn influence was coming to live action as I was making her deep throat and gag on my dick. Holding her hair, sliding my dick deep inside her throat and holding it there to let her choke with watery eyes. She had realised this was more of a punishment than enjoyment for her and asked me to fuck her. It sounded to me that she wanted to get over with it whereas I would have preferred these words out of desperation.

I parted her legs and inserted a finger in her hole. After few minutes of rigorous fingering, I inserted two fingers and her moans turned into yelling. I inserted her top in her mouth and inserted three fingers. She achieved a throbbing orgasm and fell back with heavy breathing.

I then decided to fuck her ass since I dint have condoms. I got a Vaseline moisturizer and applied it on her anal hole. She was resisting a lot but in vain. Her futile attempts just made me insert my finer in her ass sooner than I normally would have, present cloth in her mouth was avoiding her yelling while I was on top of the world to realise that I would be doing ANAL.

After lot of attempts despite good lubrication, my dick head got in with lot of efforts to make me realize anal aint as easy as shown in porn. Anyway, I forgot about her and started enjoying her tight ass. The feeling of my dick disappearing in her ass was awesum and the tight grip of her ass around my girth is another level turn on factor.

Since already lot of foreplay had happened, hole was tight and over all situation was too overwhelming, it took me just about 8-10 min to come inside her ass.

She dressed up while I lit up a cigarette, cursing me when I handed over 5k to her.

This incidence is absolutely true and till date teaches me 2 things:

1. Anal is not easy but too much enjoyable if lubricated nicely.

2. Wish I could have recorded the act or taken her contact details for future enjoyment.

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