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My Tution Teachers Daughter

Hello All this is my first story on this website hope you all will like it. It is my first experience with my tution teachers daughter.

i had just failed my 2nd pu exams with just failing in one subject hindi i had lost a year my dreams crushed my friends moved on so did my girlfriend the bitch.

For three months i studied on my own but could not concentrate so my mom took me to my hindi tuition teacher how helped me pass hindi in school.

This was worst in a huge guy and everyone else was a school kid me being 18 was not comfortable with being scolded in front off the younger guys in the area i lived i told this to my teacher she gave me a time slot of 8pm to 10pm.

About her and her daughter my teacher was a Punjabi living in Bangalore divorced. A rough women would beat the pulp out of the students i being a big guy was scared of her , her daughter mania Singh was 24 then i had known her since my childhood use to call her didi we were well known now she had completed her studies and was working both mom and daughter were very fair her mom was a big boobed big ass lady cute face.

The daughter was around mid size cute face big boobs but slimmer hips and ass maintained with exercise.

Theres was a small house since i use to go at 8pm my teacher had to cook so she would give me classes and work to do and go to the kitchen on the other room it was 9pm and mania came home she was happy to see me after a long time we spoke for some time i can swear her boobs were twice the size i saw 3 yrs before.

Then we were speaking she asked what i was doing here i said i had failed in hindi so back to her mom.

Then she said she had to change and went into the dark room i was sitting on the cot the room was to my left there was a dressing mirror in front of me i had no intention o peeping but when i saw the mirror i saw her taking off her top and bottom wiping her body with a towel and she wore a tshirt and skirt and came outside i had no wrong intentions till then but from that day onward seeing her change became a everyday thing sometimes she would take off her bra and panty too.

one saturday my teacher called me and said that she was going out and so she will give me homework that i can finish and leave at her house ,i was ok with it then she gave me the key to her house and said that her daughter was not feeling well after her night shift yesterday so she had taken sleeping pills and sleeping i should not disturb her. she got into a auto and left i started walking home but my mind wanted to go to there house i thought since the key is with me i can go and checkout her bra size and sniff her panties.

I went opened the door and locked it i first saw her sleeping she had worn a yellow t shirt with a v neck and a skirt which had moved upto her thighs what shiny skin and shapely legs she had i went forward i could see a deep cleavage in the neckline i slowly touched her to see if she is asleep she was in deep sleep my heart beat was speeding my cock was erect i slowly touched her thighs feeling every inch but always seeing if she got up.

I moved till her upper thigh her ass caressing it by now my cock was to tight in my pants so i unzipped it and took it out.

I moved her a little i was sweating a lot then i moved her shirt slowly first till her navel cute round perfect shape hip i felt it then i rubbed my cock on it it was smooth then i pushed the top over her round big boobs she had no bra my lucky day i touched it pressed it kissed it licked her nipples wanted to bite it but controlled myself.

I was admiring her milk white skin with coffee brown nipples and started to masturbate now i wanted to see her pussy i wandered my hand to it it was hairy then i felt it wet i liked the juice it felt different i now wanted to fuck the beauty but this was enough i cummed heavily like never before i wiped it on her skirt kissed her boobs once again and pulled down her shirt as it was and her skirt and left.

I was so horny that day i had to masturbate 8 times Sunday i had no tution so on Monday i went as usual my class started she came from work her mom went to cook i said hi but she did not answer for the first time she closed the door and changed her dress i felt something wrong she came sat next to me angry wearing the same dress that she had worn on Saturday.

I knew i was in trouble she asked me what is this showing the sperm stain on her skirt i put my head down she slapped me and said she thought of me as her brother but what i did to her on Saturday i fell on her feet begging her not to tell her mom or my parents she said she woke up when i was fingering her pussy.

Then i realized once i started to remove her top i forgot to check if she was still sleeping.

Then i got up and begged her again she said she did not want anything to do with me i was scared that she may create problems.

For a month she and i did not have any contact then one day her mom called me and said that she was going for a funeral and would come back after three days only so i have to only go collect the homework from her daughter and submit it after completing it every day i was now scared what to do i went to her house in the evening.

I was standing and she had just come from work i stood for 30 mins then she asked me what r u standing for i told that her mom had told me to meet her for homework.

She said come here kneel down i did as she said then she asked me why did i do those things the other day i did not reply suddenly she slapped me i was quite then she slapped me again i was becoming angry but controlled myself then she came near me and slapped me again now i was out of control i pushed her on the bed i got to my senses i said sorry again falling in her feet she said u want to show ur strength get up i got up she said take off ur shirt i did im a huge guy over weight she laughed ur not even fit ur fat and u want my body it was humiliating she took a belt and hit me twice.

Now she wanted me to take off my pant i did i was in my underwear she spanked my ass with the belt then she asked if i had sex before i did not reply she hit me again then i said i had kissed my gf licked her body but never had sex im still a virgin.

She told me take off ur underwear i slowly did she saw my semi erect cock and laughed my cock is 5 inches when erect but thick this was very very humiliating.

She then said me lick my foot i saw her she said in a rough voice lick my foot i did it slowly licking it was salty from sweat slowly i finished both her feet she said now lick my legs i did that too slowly i was enjoying it i could see so was she my cock was becoming hard she saw my eyes there was no anger in them but lust.

Now she took off her top told me too lick her navel like the other day now it was passion in her voice i started to lick that cute sexy navel she started to moan now my hands were on her back and her hands were on my head her navel was glistening with my saliva here moans were now becoming louder.

Now she wanted me to suck her boobs i jumped like a hungry dog on them i got slapped she said slowly i then slowly kissed them sucked them pressed them enjoying every inch of those globes for fifteen mins now she wanted me to come near her face she kissed my lips passion flowed her tongue was in my mouth.

We were now standing i pulled her body closer too mine crushing those giant boobs over my soft chest tightly now we were kissing so much that we were becoming breathless and my hug was so tight that sweat was flowing over our body then after 20 mins we let go it was my first french kiss we again kissed now she had jumped over my body sitting on my hip crossing her legs behind my back against the wall.

Again we kissed for 15 mins then she got down pushed me on the bed and removed the skirt knot she said now im going to sit on ur face i want you to eat my pussy i was mesmerized i just shook my head she sat on my face i started to lick her pussy leaving my tongue into her hole deeply she shivered started to moan loudly she started to move her hips over my face as i licked now she was fully wet her juices were pungent flowing over my face now she increased her speed nearly pissing on my face and fell next to me on the bed.

My face was dripping with her love juice i wiped it and went to kiss her she said wear ur clothes and get out my cock was rock hard i said let me at least masturbate seeing her sweating naked body she slapped me again i wore my dress and left went home and shagged 20 times till my cock started paining and slept thinking about that days event.

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