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Two Brothers Perfect Sex With Girlfriend

Hey guys this is Bunny right here. So this is about my girlfriend Shalini. She is what I would like to say a real bomb looks like. The perfect curves any girl can ever have. She has the exact 36 24 36 and also sometimes her boobies also gets somewhere around 37 when aroused to deeply.

She was in her med school that time and I used to attend her during her vacations regularly. I was a student undergoing for a law degree somewhere near Kolkata.

So one day I made up a plan. I asked her to come to my flat when my parents would be gone so that we could have a perfect sex. She did agree.

Oh god! The day came finally. She had worn a blue printed top which showed her cleavage so much and a tight jeans which showed the perfect curves of her huge and soft butter ass.After having refreshments and some talks we went to our room and said my brother to look out for anyone who comes to our house and ask for me.

I went inside and looked at Shalini for seconds and then just opened her top forcefully and tore down her bra and just sucked her huge boobs like an animal. Oh god I cannot say how amazing it feels to suck a 37DD breasts with small and hard nipples. I sucked her tits for almost 15 minutes and kept them pressing. She was like…

Oh jaanu take some more of that baby…common my jaanu drink some more of the milk see how big they have become for the want of your touch. Mmmmm ohhhhh yeaaaa ohhhh goddd do this yeaaaa bite my nipples. More harder. Bite them…tear them with your teeth. Oh baby suck them and lick my whole body. I am all yours baby.

Her tits had gained the maximum 38 size when I was overtaken by the strong pleasure of licking her pussy. I went down and spread her legs and put both the legs on my shoulders and started to lick her vagina and clit. It was amazing the taste yummy it was so good. She was pouring her love juices on my mouth and Jesus they were delicious like hell.I looked at her face. She kept her eyes closed and was mourning in deep arousal.Then I did her my homework that is a wild sex!

I put her in doggy style and wow! What an ass it was! So big so well shaped! So soft! I spanked her ass for 5 minutes and she was so much heated by that. Then I put my 7 inches inside her juicy pussy and gave her the thrust of her life for the first time.

She was like…- ohh ohh ohh yeaaaa yeaaa babby yeaaa just keep doing that….mmmmm yeaaaaa haaahhhhh mmmm ummmm ahhhh mmmm yeaaa babbby ohh ohhh yessss common do me more faster I want you to rape me tonight common jaanu do me more harder more faster!

I was like wow she is so wild so to satisfy her pussy I gave her the thrust that she desired. She gave her orgasm before me and which makes me a superman.

We were both exhausted and decided to have our dinner. I informed my brother to give us dinner as he had cooked for us that day.

We ate and had a lots of conversation and after that me with my girl went to sleep in my room.

It was so late in the night. I felt thirsty so I thought to wake up and have water. I went on sidewards to ask my girl but she was surprisingly not there beside me. I thought maybe she has got to pee. Then I went to the kitchen when I found to hear certain whispers and sounds of kisses getting exchanged. I felt very weird. I quietly went to the place following the voices.

And when I reached the room inside, I was like oh god! Them!

My brother and my Girlfriend were smooching each other like mad animals. I quietly kept peeping through the narror door opening. My brother said – Shalini I always wanted to have you as my girlfriend. I want to fuck you Girl and want to suck your boobs tonight?

Shalini was like..

Ohh yess Bhaiya you can do whatever you want I have always admired you Bhaiya.

Saying this she stepped backwards and ask my brother to close his own eyes so my brother did. Meanwhile she took up her top out and bra out. And slowly moved her bra nearer to my brothers nose. My brother smelled it and kissed it like a real horny man. Then Shalini went forward to him and lifted her Hugo boobs with both her hands and placed them to my brothers mouth. My brother sucked the nipples and bite them like anything. He kept sucking her boobs for half an hour.
She was like…

Ohh bhaiya you are so hot your lips are like so good you have such nice tongue so big its rolling so good ohh godd yesss mmm mmm mmmm ummm ummmm ummm ummm ummm haaaa yesss bitem bite them bite them uffff common bitr them I want to see my blood coming out from the torn nipples.

My brother sucked her boobs like a wild person and almost did tear her nipples out when she started screaming like ahhhh ohhhh godddd yesss yeaaas bhaiyaaaa ohhhhh.!!

Then the most unbelievable thing happened when she asked my brother to take out his dick and fuck her face. I was astonished because she never used to ask me for that.My brother took out his big dick which was fairer than me and he said.. Baby let me get you bathed with my cum all over your butter body.

Then she started to suck his cock like its the most delicious food in the whole world. She closed her eyes and was so passionately sucking it I was almost so aroused that I thought I would rape her but I controlled myself.

Then my brother cummed all over her face and boobs and she licked them like cream.

Then my brother took out a cake from the fridge and put the cream on her nipples and started to suck them and lick them. She was having her best night. She was so amazing in that night. She got her hole fucked by two guys. Then my brother did her in the missionary position and fucked her so hard that she shouted like..

Ahhh ahhhh ohhh ohhh yessss mmmm hhaaaaa haaaa ufffff bhaiyaaa assste aaasteee please ohhhhh goddd ohhh what a dick!!! Mmmm ahhhh ahhh yesss yesss yeaaa ohhh goddd!!
My brother was like..

Take it bitch you slut you queen of asses and big boobs! Take this yeaaa you love it no no okay take more more yaaa now you like it yessss yesss!

Then after half an hour they were finished. I went back to my sleeping room. And after 10 minutes she quietly came and slept beside me.

The next morning she looked so beautiful and charming maybe because of the double fuck she enjoyed. We three are our breakfast and I noticed Shalini to smile seeing my brother whenever I cracked a joke. Then I took Shalini with me in my car and dropped her in her paying guest.

But the thought of yesterday made me horny so I went up and fucked her vigorously to which she was amazed. But I felt the great feeling when we feel the vagina of our girlfriends who were fucked by others. God it was hell of a night.

So there it is guys hope you liked it.

Thank you and Keep Fucking your Girls never your Dreams.

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