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Unexpected Sex With Neha

Hi guys this is a story when I was I had a huge crush on a girl called Neha. We were good friends but she always used me in her studies to get her work done. I helped her thinking that she respected me and we were good friends but that was not to be…

After knowing each other for two years we were supposed to go for a college trip to Manali for a couple of weeks. My friends always told me that she was a bad girl and stay away from her but I never listened. I wanted to propose her but I never could because she was always with some guy. I am a 6 feet tall guy with a normal athletic body with a good face

I decided to propose her on the tour. The day we left for the tour my train compartment was far away so I could not talk much to her. We reached Manali and checked into our rooms. 2days had passed and I was depressed because she ignored me and was busy with other guys.

The third night she was a little drunk with her friends and had got in a fight with her group so she left her room and came to my room. I was having a bath at that time and my friends had gone to another room to party. They unknowingly had left the room door open and Neha had come into the room and sat on the bed. I didn’t know that so came out in just a towel and was shocked to see her.

Describing her in short she is a very fair girl 5 feet six in height size of 36_32_34. Even when she laughs or cries her face is all reddish.

I came out and asked her what was wrong because I can make it from her face that she had cried. She said that she had a fight with her boyfriend and now she had realised what I was to her and how much I cared for her. I gave her a hug and said it is okh do not worry m there. She hugged me back and kissed me on my cheek. Seeing this I hot a little aroused. She was wearing a semi transparent dress and I could see her inner. It was lower neck so her cleavage was also visible. She asked me suddenly if she can kiss me…. Shocked… And she started kissing me before I could even reply. …. We started smooching and I got aroused.

I took my hand and touched her smooth back and it was smooth as silk. I put her down on the bed and started kissing her neck…. And she gave a small mourning slowly took off her top and started pressing her boobs. I was in heaven. She whispered in my ears baby I love u, fuck me please. And she pulled my towel and exposed my 7 inch dick. Seeing it she gave a cheeky smile and pulled me close. what a body I said to myself. She then said that she wanted to come over me and give me a blow job. I unzipped her pants and asked her to come in 69 position so I can taste her pussy. It was already dripping wet and tasted awesome.

She started stroking my dick slowly and sucking it. My dick was so hard and I was feeling splendid. She stroked it hard and swallowed all the cum. She turned back and said fuck me please satisfy me and started to feel me all around and biting me.

Within a few minutes my dick was hard again. I whispered in her ear that I will give her the satisfaction like no other. She said I know u will. I came on top of her and started caressing her. Her boobs are too soft and delicious. Kissing near her ears. Touching her all around fingering her. She took my dick and started shaking it. I got a little aggressive and started smooth her and came down slowly pressing her boobs and fingering her… She started to moan continuously.

Aaaah…. huh huh ….

I love u muah huh… Ooooh please do more .fuck me hard … I took my dick and rubbed it to her pussy which was dripping wet. Slowly but suddenly I pushed it inside and she gave a loud scream….. I kissed her immediately and started to fuck her hard….. I slowly picked her up in my arms… She was holding me tight ND I was kissing her and fucking her at the same time and took her to the bathroom and slowly put her in the tub full of Luke warm water….

She started saying fuck me more…. Take me to a place better than heaven…. I took a soap and started to rub her body with foam and she started to get even more excited. We kissed a lot and she rested above me in the tub…. An hour had passed…. And suddenly someone had Come to our room asking for her name….

I said that no one was there and I quickly ran out and bought her clothes…. Lucky me no one saw her clothes lying near the bed.

That night I slept late thinking that at last Neha is mine. And I went to sleep.

Next morning Neha came to my room saying that yesterday was the best sex that she had and she wanted to do it again. She said that life is short enjoy it.

I thought about it.

That day in the evening I went back to her….. We were out in the market that time. I told her that she was right. She immediately kissed me and said in my ears I wanna do it again. That day we had a night bus for amritsar. We both took a seat of two just 2 rows ahead of the back seat. Time had passed and it was 3am in the night and I was not feeling sleepy.

It was cold so we had a blanket. I slowly planted her a kiss on the lips ND I noticed her hand unzipping me. She put her head inside the blanket and started stroking me…. I was aroused. So I put a hand on her ass and started pressing her….. I removed her pant to notice that she was not wearing under wear…. She replied I want a sexperience again…. She slowly came on my lap

I inserted my dick inside and she gave o mourn and I planted a kiss to stop the moan. We were gonna enter a city area so I asked her to stop ND pull back her pant….. But she refused and started smooching.

The bus stopped ND suddenly she took her place. Everyone was up suddenly…. Her pant was down ND so was mine…. Luckily we had a blanket. She took her pants up and said that she wants more. We did not get another chance that night.

We had sex many times after that and I know she slept with many other guys. It felt bad at first but she was true and clear to what she wanted . College got over and both got busy in our own lives. This birthday I had a text from her saying thank you for the awesome sex that I gave her and she will always miss it.

So this was my unexpected sex experience with her. Now I live to enjoy my life but not at the expense of my career. I graduated with first class but I learned how life is enjoyed.

Life is short enjoy it

How did you like my story. Get back to me

Waiting for replies eager to enjoy life…. Please never Double date. Enjoy sex knowingly without hurting others feelings. Sex is an awesome feeling


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