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I Unhooked Her Bra In The Park

Hi Guys and girls. This is Karan here.

Now without much ado let me start with my story. Ye story tab ki hai jab mai college ke last year mai tha. Meri ek girlfriend hua karti ti jiska naam tha roohani. Kafi hot thi especially her ass. I loved her ass. Uska size hga almost 34 28 38. N yes with a firm ass!

So I was studying in Chandigarh and wo Delhi mai padti thi. It was sort of a long distance. Hum kafi kam milte the. And usally phone par hi baat kte the. To aise hi phone par I told her that I want to be with her and then it all started. So wo mjse milne chd aayi.

And then pura din hum idhar udhar ghume. And raat ko I was supposed to drop her at her friends place but then hum dono hi ek dusre ke saath time spend krna chahte the so we decided night out maarte hai.

Now, raat ko 11 bje sab band ho jata hai chandigarh mai and we started thinking where can we go. Thodi der to hum meri bike par ghumte rahe but then we needed a place to sit or lie down Phir around raat ke 12 bje we went to a park.

And then we sat down on a banch and started talking. We were holding hands and then she came close to me and I hugged her. This hug lasted for sometime and then I pulled her up and she was sitting in my lap. And then.. I kissed her, slow, but intense! Hmari pehli kiss ti after all.

Uske baad there was no looking back I started kissing her and rubbing her back. And then slowly I put my hand inside her top and started rubbing her bare back. I could feel the hook of her bra. It was obstructing my hand.

So I unhooked it and she started kissing me more intensely. It was a green signal for me to go ahead. Now while rubbing her bare back I brought my hands forward and grabbed her boobs. Oh my god they were so soft and so firm! I started rubbing those nice tits and she started moaning

I pulled her top up and kissed her right boob. She gave a huge moan. Ahhhhh!! And then I started sucking her nipples. Rubbing the right nipple and sucking the other one. All I wanted to do was eat her boobs up. She continued moaning loudly.. “Ohh karan eat me up ohh ohh!!”

while I was rubbing her boobs and sucking them, her hands slid down to my crotch and she started rubbing my lun over my jeans. It felt so good. She zipped me down and started rubbing my dick over my underwear. It turns me on big time!

Then she unhooked my jean button and put her hands inside my underwear and grabbed my dick and started rubbing it slowly and nicely. It felt real nice. Then she pushed me back and I was surprised that why is she pushing me away from her. But then she corrected her top and got down on her knees. Pushed my underwear down and grabbed my dick and gave it a nice kiss on the top. I moaned like crazy!

And then she gulped whole of my dick and started blowing me. Oh it felt so nice she was taking the entire dick inside her mouth it was like she wanted to eat it up wholly. I grabbed her head and started pushing my dick inside her mouth and then she did this thing – she took my dick out and licked the top part with her tongue.

It actually gave me jitters. It was like the best blowjob ever. I wanted her to take my dick inside her mouth again so I grabbed her hair and pushed my dick inside her mouth and she started sucking it hard and fast and then I pulled her upand I came! Now it was my turn to return the favor.

So I told her to sit down on the bench and I started kissing her and then I started going down kissing her neck and the her boobs then her naval den I unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down and kissed her pussy over her panties.

She moaned like crazy “Ohh Karan” I pulled down her panties n kissed on her nice pussy. She gave out a huge moan. “ Oh baby suck me. Go down on me” I started licking her pussy with my tongue. She was moaning loudly “ Oh yes baby eat me up. Oh you are so god. Ohhhhhh.. ahhhh yess yess yess”.

I then inserted a finger inside her pussy and started fucking her with my finger while eating her pussy up. I then put my tongue inside her pussy and started sucking it. She kept on moaning wildly and loudly. I then started her G spot rigorously. And she came.

We both were lying down exhausted and half naked on a park bench. And then after catching her breath she looked towards me and we both knew we wanted more of this. She came upon me and we started kissing wildly she pulled her jean down a little more and I pulled my down too.

And then she grabbed my dick and guided it inside her pussy. Ohhhh my we both moaned loudly She was in a little pain so I held that position until she felt fine and then she started moving up and down and I knew she was good to go no. I held her waist and started fucking her hard and fast.

She was moaning lousily. “Oh yes baby fuck me, fuck me hard. I want you to get inside me and fuck me hard. Yes baby faster, deeper” and then I picked her up put her down on the bench and told her to turn around and inserted my lun inside her from behind.

She gave out a huge moan. “Oh baby yeah! Fuck me hard” I started fucking her from behind harder, faster and deeper! I slapped her butt and slapped it hard and fucked her As I slapped her she Said “ Oh yes baby Do that again and fuck me hard! “.

I spanked her again and fucked her hard and deep until I came all upon her! Oh it was like the best sex ever! Then we wore our clothes and decided to leave that park before someone saw us. We booked a hotel room and stayed there for a couple days more having lots of sex in lots of ways. It was really fun!

I hoped you liked the story Please drop in your comments. hope you enjoyed this story, Thanks for reading!

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