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Unlimited Fun With A beauty With Brain

This story was between me and Sheetal (Name Changed) – a beauty with brain. Her figure was like 34-30-36 and she was really fair and her height was like 5 foot 5 inch and I am tall, athletic and handsome.

I saw Sheetal first at Chicago Airport travelling to Mumbai and then at that time I decided if not sex at least have friendship with her. She was arguing to have window seat but unfortunately it was full. So I asked the lady at the airline I will like to give her mine.

Initially she was apprehensive to have it but later on I told her its ok please take it. She was happy and introduce herself so as I. We had an instant connection and how she was here in Chicago to meet her Fiance which made me disappointed.

But as I thought at least lets be friends with her as you never know. So she asked about me and I told her I travel to USA frequently for my work. By which she was impressed and she started taking interest in my talks more.

So we asked the lady to give the seats together if possible and she asked her supervisor. They moved few people here and there and gave us seats next to each other like a couple by which we were really happy.

Now in the plane we were talking whole time and we started holding hands. I use to keep hands on her lap more frequently for which she did not objected. When reached Mumbai and so we exchanged number and started more on phone.

We were like addicted to each other. We met several times but I never invited her to my place as I was not sure how she will react.

After almost 3 months of talking I asked her lets meet and go for a movie late night on which she instantly agreed. Show was of late night in a weekday so theater was like empty and I was happy and was counting on my luck.

As I was staying alone so had made all preparations needed. She was looking really ravishing that day. As she wore Pink TShirt and Blue Denim Jeans. Once movie started I had started moving my hands on her lap for sometime and moved towards her boobs.

By which she gave instant moan and started getting hot. She gave one kiss on my chick and I did the same. I inserted my hand in her jeans and found it was shaved. I figured her for sometime and she was giving some moans on low noise.

After that I told her wanna go home on which she replied what took you so long to ask me. I was amazed with her reply and we left the movie show in mid way and went my home.

I stay in posh locality in Mumbai and so no one cares whats going on in the neighbor. So once we entered my house I pushed her to the corner and gave her an hot kiss. We kissed for like 30 minuted and exchanged our saliva by inserting my tongue in my mouth.

She was really good in that as if she is giving me blowjob. I had an erection instantly and she understood that. She inserted her hand in my boxer and felt my dick which was 5.5 inches in size.

She came on her knees and started to unzip my trouser and started to kiss my boxer like crazily. Then She removed my boxer and started giving me blow job. She was sucking from top to bottom and I should say she was pro in sucking.

She also sucked my testicle for almost 1 hour she kept on giving me blowjob. I cummed in her mouth once and she drank it and did not leave even a single drop of sperm.

After that I asked to stand up and started kissing her again. I removed her pink t shirt and saw awesome pink bra. Then I started pressing her boobs and removed her bra as well. I started sucking her left boob and kept on pressing her right boob.

She was moaning crazily and asked me please fuck me. I started removing her jeans and started kissing her vagina. She moaned a lot and asked me please fuck me. I removed her Pink Panty which smelled really awesome.

Then I started fucking her in missionary position. Once I started her moaned kept on increasing. I fuck for almost 1.5 hours and whole room was fill with her moans.

I start my hands towards her ass which were really soft and she got what I want. So she stood with her ass in front of my dick. I inserted a bit and it was tight and it was paining her a lot but after sometime she was enjoying. She was asking me to do more.

We were doing this for sometime and after that she got tire and we sleep naked till morning. We had one more session while taking shower that I will narrate next time.

Thanks for reading my story and again All girls and ladies anywhere in USA or India of any age and size as I respect all of them so please contact me.

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