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Virgin Girlfriend Fucked In All Styles

Hello guys, I am Ashok from Hyderabad, 5.11 feet height, smart guy, with 7 inch long dick. It is my story here. So please forgive me and my story.

It happened between me and my girlfriend where my virgin girlfriend fucked by me few months back during summer. My girlfriend is very attractive girl. She has a beautiful pair of boobs. Which are round and very soft.Her lips are red in colour.

I like her lips very much. And her ass is sexiest of all.. So we used to meet regularly and have some fun.We used to kiss,hug.. When ever I get a chance I used to press her boobs and fingered her pussy so many times. She likes all these very much.

Whenever we go out to park or some hangout place we used to kiss and do smooch. And I keep my hands in her top and press her boobs. Her nipples are light pink in colour. I liked them very much.

And I liked to twist her nipple and bite her nipples. I also lifted her top upto neck and sucked her boobs, but never get a chance to remove her top completely. And keep my hands in her panty and fingered her pussy. Many times I lowered he leggings along with her panty and licked her pussy. Her pussy is pinkish in colour.

I asked her to have sex, and she readily accepted as I made her very hot by my role play skills. But we never get a chance to have sex. We were desperately waiting for a perfect place and time so that we can enjoy to full extent with out any disturbance.

After waiting for few months, we got a perfect time and we were decided to have sex. It was in the month of may, my parents have to go to attend a marriage of our relative and will come back after 2days. I didn’t go to the marriage. And planned to fuck my gf. I informed my gf about this and readily accepted.

So finally the day come and my parents left to marriage .. I called my gf to come my home. She asked me to pick her.. I went and picked her and took her to my home. After coming to home I locked door and started to kiss her lips. I sucked lips for almost 5mins. She was kissing me back. We exchanged our saliva. Then I kissed her neck..

Then I took a break,and we had some cool drinks. Then t took her to my room. We sat on bed. I was sitting very close to her. I kept my hand over her shoulder. Then again I started to kiss her again. The kiss is turned into smooch. I was kissing her like anything. Our saliva is mixing.

She became really horny. That day she was wearing a loose top and leggings. Inside she wear a red colour bra and red colour panty. While kissing her I kept my hands into her top and started to her boobs over her bra. She has a beautiful and round soft big boobs.

Then I removed her top and bra.I started to suck her one boob.While pressing the other boob.She started to moan. Saying to suck her boobs and press hard.I became very wild started to bite nipple..I exchanged her boobs and sucked the other and started to the one boob.

Slowly I came down and kissed her belly part and her navel. I sucked her navel. She became extremely horny by this. I then inserted my one hand into her panty and rubbed her pussy. I slowly lowered her panty and started to kiss her pink pussy. She was moaning very loudly.Then I made her to stand and completely removed her leggings and her panty.

I sat on the floor in between her leggings and started to lick her pussy..I was pressing over clitoris and sucking her pussy. She gone mad by this act of mine.Then I inserted my finger into her pussy. I was doing fingering and sucking her pussy simultaneously. After few minutes she had her orgasm and unloaded her juice in my mouth. I drank all the fluid.Then she removed my t-shirt. And started to kiss my chest. My little was rock hard by this time. And she was pressing it over my trouser.

Then she removed my trouser and took my took my 7inch into her mouth and kissed tip of my dick. And slowly to started to suck my dick. She gave me fantastic blowjob. I was in clouds while she was giving me blowjob. After some time I was about to cum and I told her that am going to cum. And I cum in her mouth. She drank all my cum. Didn’t wasted a drop of my cum. And she sucked my dick and cleaned it. And made it dry.

Then we came nakedly to hall and took water. Then I hugged her from behind and pressed her boobs from behind. It felt like heaven while pressing her boobs from behind. I was kissing her neck and pressing boobs. Then I kept my one hand over her pussy and rubbed it. I inserted my finger into pussy and fingered her pussy while with other hand I was pressing her boobs. And kissing her back. We were doing all these in the hall. Then she kneel down and gave me another blowjob for time.My dick became rock hard. I took her to bed room.She fall on the bed and I fell on her. And lip locked her..Then I spread her legs,came in the position.

I started to insert my dick into her pussy, but it was not entering into her pussy. I used more force and half of my dick entered into her pussy.She started to cry due pain. I stopped and started to kiss her.

Then with one force I gave a strong stroke and my dick was completely in her pussy. Her was bleeding. She was crying. I stopped for sometime.And pressed her boobs and kissed her. After few minutes the pain relieved and I started to give stroke.She started to moan. Then I increased my pace and I was fucking her very hard.She was moaning like hell..Ahhhh ahh hmm hmm ahhsshhh.. Saying fuck me baby fuck me hard. Fuck me fuck mee…

I fucked her for 15mins in missionary position and then I started to fuck her in doggy style.I really loved fucking her in doggy style. Then I turned her around.And she was facing towards me. Then lifted one of her leg and pushed my dick into her pussy and started to fuck her. She had 3more orgasms by this time. After 15mins of hard fucking, i was about to come and she told me to cum on her boobs. I unloaded in her boobs. And we fell in the bed.

We have very tired..And then we went to bathroom and cleaned ourselves.I ordered some food. Then we started to watch tv. After having our lunch, we started again. This time I wanted her to fuck in the bathroom. We started foreplay in the hall. We took off our clothes. I fucked her for 10 mins in the sofa. Then I took her to bathroom. In bathroom she gave me blowjob by which my dick became rock hard again.I made her in doggy style and entered my dick from backside into pussy.In that style I fucked very hardly.So moaning like hell.

Then I fucked her in standing position for another 10 mins and unloaded all my juice in her pussy.

We cleaned ourselves and came into hall and dressed.And watched tv again. By that time,it was 5 pm. She wanted to home. I asked her to give me blowjob and she gave me a quick blowjob. And we kissed each other for some time..

Then she adjusted her dress. And I dropped her at her place..

On the next day she came very early to my place. The whole we fucked very. I fucked her in almost all angle. And I our home I fucked her in almost all corner.

Next day she came, i asked her to make a coffee for me. While she was making coffee I went behind her and hugged her from behind and pressed her boobs.

Then we had sex in the kitchen. After all the foreplay of kissing, pressing boobs and sucking her boobs. She gave me nice blowjob and you fucked her in kitchen.

In kitchen I first made to sit on shelf like structure and fucked her from front.While fucking her I was holding and pressing her boobs very hard. Then I made her in doggy style and fucked in the kitchen. After that we had great season in the hall. Best of them was fucking her in the dining table in these two days we had sex almost 8 times.. We didn’t used a condom,as it was our first time, we wanted to enjoy every bit of it. Later she took pills to prevent from getting pregnant.

After this we had few more sessions. I will tell you about this in next story.

Hope you guys liked my story.Please comment on my story.

Any girls or aunty’s who want to enjoy please contact me.

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