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Watching My Mom Change Her Saree

“Yes I can see her yes yes, wait man let me see a bit more”. It was kind of arousing, tempting and a kind of pleasant humiliation for me. When akash gave me this idea to peek at my mom. And now my friend is watching my mom change her saree and I am waiting for my turn.

Literally I could imagine all her nudity in my mind. Because akash was giving me a detailed report of her body. Like where she got folds and hairs etc. He told me that mummy has less hairs compared to the other girls he have seen. Maybe its because shes an avid shaver perhaps he says. ”its my turn” I wanted to see it that badly.

He caught hold of my hair and just shoved my head towards the keyhole “see how your mummy looks you motherfucker”.

I watched her body like a child watching a sky. She was huge, at least for me. Ebony black, with big jugs and ass, hair tied into long pony tail hitting at her ass and a mangalsutra. ”Typical nude- tamil aunty my friend”.

And when I thought about it. Yes,he was a bit right, most of the women in our culture are blacks, while some are just blacks. Some are rare blacks that even a guy might ditch a fair girl for our ebony black tamil ladies.

I watched as she was scratching her pussy with irritation. She got her pussy hair all trimmed.  Then she stood infront of a mirror and adored her lusty big breasts. She was saying something to herself. ”whats she saying man?? Can you hear it?? Is she saying that shes a bitch??

Is that wat shes saying to herself??. ”fuck you, if you dont want to see the beauty in my mummy. Then you are permitted to leave as quick as possible please”. ”Hmmmm, maybe you could say that shes a bitch really eh”??..I gave a grave look at him, and gestured him to peek. So that he would remain silent and maybe we could see a bit more.

He was hungry. He rushed to the keyhole with watery mouth. ”yeah yeah man,your mummy is a bitch, look at her spreading her pussy lips, maybe the head loaders in the market gave your mummy some stares and grinds hahahha, Akash knew that better than anyone.

His mom anitha was caught sucking a coolie’s cock inside a shop in the market. His father tried to beat the coolie for seducing his wife. But alas the coolie was stronger and faster than him.

Akash’s father just embarassed himself more infront of all those people. And after that akash usually tries to connect all the ladies with the coolies in our market.

“i wanted to see how she splits her pussy” I thought to myself. Then I gestured him to move, for which he gladly did. And I saw my mummy spreading her pussy lips in front of the mirror and saying something to herself.

Then She was fingering, Oh my noble pious housewife mummy is fingering her cunt like a pornstar. I was wondering how she knew all this moves.

Then The door bell rang we got alerted and sprang from there without making a single noise. It was just the neighborhood kerala aunty. It was akash who opened the door, he just stood there with bulgy eyes and trousers. Then Maybe the lady noticed it and with a disgust and shame she asked for someone else.

Then I quickly jumped out of my sofa and went to the door. It was rani aunty who gave birth to a boy prince and comes home frequently. To learn from my mom for lessons on being a better mother. And like any kerala aunty she was equipped with round hips, wide and bulged ass, and heavy breasts with lots and lots of milk.

Akash calls her a cow secretly when only we share our fantasies and morbid intentions. He says “what if the kid doesnt drink all the milk?? Im sure the kid couldnt even suck up a single boob, so where does all the milk go??

Me: the milk man comes and squeeze out the milk outta her maybe??

Akash: you think the milk man is her husband??

Me: who else would it be??

Akash: I think its your mom, it was never a milk man it was a milk woman.

Me: get lost.

Akash: then why the hell does your mom lock the door then??

Me: maybe out of sheer nobility because two grown up asses are there at the same time??

Akash: fuck you man,i want to see your bossy mummy sucking the milk out of rani aunty. I always wanted to drink it myself.

Me: hey what about anitha aunty??

Akash : well,what about her??

Me: well you know,does she still goes to the coolie??

Akash’s face got red with shame. He knew he had to answer but at the same time saying it was like getting undressed in front of me.

Akash: she still goes to that guy man. I dont know what he has that I dont. I even tried to flash my cock, and I knew she wants it. But I dont know why she never asks me but goes begging to that guy.

Me: whats his name??

Akash: parameshwar.

Me: hey bhagwan hahahaha.

Akash: Dont laugh son of bitch. I know that the guy fucked most of the women in this area, underage, over age, teenage. I dont know man, i mean I dont know whether they are rumors or the truth. But I can tell you that he does have some charm in him. Once I was masturbating thinking about my mom and him. And suddenly I saw myself in my moms position. I came so hard that time my cum hit the ceiling.

Me: thats because your gay.

Akash: No I am not,i am bisexual.

Me: the same.

Akash: no they arent, and hes bisexual too as I have heard.

Me: who?

Akash: parameshwar.

Me: and why are you telling me all this??

Akash: you know I got an idea, you see my moms masturbates at night in her nightie when papa is snoring beside her. Then she would be holding a phone, she doesn’t say anything through the phone. Then She just listens and masturbates at night. And the very next day rushes to the market.

Me: so where are you treading to??

Akash : let me take my moms cell here, and we can call him.

Me: are you out of your mind?? What if he asks something?? This isnt right you know. He might ask how are you or why are you calling at this time something like that??

Akash: If something like that happens. We will cut the call right there and just say it was an accident. Trust me I have done this before.

Me: You called your moms secret lover and got hard with his words to your mom?? Your really gay man. You dont even have one manly bone inside your body.

Akash: Oh really?? Then let us put your bone into test, ill get her cell phone,dial his number and you just strip down your clothes. And just hear what he says, if your dick gets hard your gay too. Deal??

I was so sure that I am a motherfucker, but I was not gay but that day proved me wrong.

Then Like we agreed we went to his house and in his room I got all naked in front of him. With the number dialled in the mobile. I pressed the call button and meanwhile akash was undressing himself and putting some rock songs in his pc.

I stood there with a grin on my face and an arrogant posture. But like akash said parameshwar was a gifted man. He had the story telling capabilities of no one I have ever seen. He told me about the girls he fucked, called me by anitha, bitch, whore etc.

Then He even told that he once fucked a kid and now hes in mumbai dressed as hijada and clapping his hands for money. He says before his cock everything is just a pussy. And at that exact moment my cock started to throb and got hard like it never did.

Then Akash got a hold of it and was gesturing me towards my manliness and making funny faces. I was dry with humiliation at that point, it was me who challenged him,and I lost.

Meanwhile on the mobile parameshwar was just narrating his incidents one by one and asking me ” is your husband capable of it??Hanh??Hanh???. I just stood there with the throbbing cock with nothing else in mind. And he says “you know I have fucked you a lot of time.

Then Even in front of your husband now how about I fuck you in front of someone else in your family?? Like your mom?? (anitha aunty’s mom seetha devi was a woman of age 68 with a paralysed body, parameshwar wanted to fuck anitha aunty in front of akash’s grandma, and yeah that was kind of a turn on) would you like that anitha?? Whats your moms name by the way??” jayasree……

“What the fuck did you did?? You ruined everything you son of a bitch, you told him your own moms name you idiot. Now hes going fuck all our lives man.This issue will be leaked in no time man,we are done.

He will tell everyone about all this and everyone would know it either you or me. I am done man. I will never feel happy after this. Then People will humiliate me in every possible way,even our friends. Shit karthick you have destroyed every fucking thing in my life you bastard.

Then I stood there bolted to the floor with my erect hard cock on my hand and cum on my face. Actually the time I said my moms name I had to see my cock throwing out its divine milk. Then The cock was towards the ceiling and my face just happened to be at the same place the cum shot. I dont know whether this was some kind of a sign or something but it was definitely some real bad is stuff going to happen to me and akash.

And that’s it for today because I couldn’t write the whole story because “acts of sins” have happened a lot after that and I couldn’t write that all in here right now. But I am willing to continue my story according to the rating iam getting and please dont be a ghost, please show some generosity by commenting on this.

Bye for now, waiting for your replies.

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