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Wife-Swapping Fun With Friends

“How dare you!” screamed Tanu.

Anjali and I were shocked and immediately got up and ran into the adjoining living room.

The scene inside the living room was tensed.

Tanu, my wife, had just slapped Rakesh, who was mumbling some excuse, with the whisky glass in his hand shaking and spilling. Rakesh’s wife Anjali, and I asked in unison, “What happened?”

Tanu turned towards us and said in disgust, “He groped me”!!

I was totally taken aback, “What”?!!

Anjali was too shocked to say anything.

Little bit of background. Rakesh and I are work colleagues since four years, and have become very close and best of friends. He is about four years older than me. I attended Rakesh and Anjali’s marriage three years ago. I also got married last year to Tanu. Our wives have also become good friends.

Rakesh is a very lively person. He is also a very lustful and naughty guy. He introduced me to the strip-clubs and the massage-parlours with “happy ending”. He confines in me almost all his secrets, including his visits to the strip-clubs and the massage-parlours even after his marriage.

Now, about our wives: Rakesh’s wife Anjali is almost my age. She is about five feet two inches tall. Average looking, but with fair complexion. She is bit overweight, with big boobs and ass. Hotness rating: 6/10.

My wife Tanu is couple of years younger to me. Five feet four inches tall. Very beautiful and fair. She is also very well-endowed in terms of breasts and hips. Hotness rating: 8/10.

Now let’s get back to that incident that changed our marital and sexual lives.

I was overwhelmed with a combination of anger, disbelief and confusion. Tanu was red with anger, and again tried to slap Rakesh. I intervened and took her aside. Anjali started crying and kept repeating “How could you Rakesh”?

Rakesh was too embarrassed and at loss of words. He tried to apologise and explain himself, but I told him to just get out my house. He left and so did Anjali, after him. That was the abrupt end of our weekly drinks and dinner get-together.

Afterwards, I consoled Tanu. We decided to cut off ties with Rajesh. Rajesh didn’t show up at work for couple of days. He tried to call me. I didn’t take his calls. He left SMSes, he asked for a chance to apologise and explain himself. I was quite angry at him.

But as the weekend approached, I decided to meet him once. We met. I told him choicest of abuses. He said he deserved it, and that I have a right to be angry at him. But then he said something that surprised me more than it angered me. He said, he’s not sorry!He said Tanu is a beautiful girl, and he just got carried away while being drunk. He said, ”Shit happens! and Tanu also flirts with me all the time, including on that night. And I was drunk, so got carried away”.

He further said to me, “And as if you have never checked-out and lustfully looked at Anjali”?!

I tried my best to deny it, but to be honest it was true that I could never resist stealing glances at Anjali’s cleavage or milky-white thighs. Her buxom breasts are a treat to every man’s eyes.

After few heated exchanges, out of the blue, he proposed the idea wife-swapping.

I again strictly told him off. Our meeting ended at that.

The meeting ended there, but Rakesh’s offer of wife-swapping awakened the latent fantasy inside me. It gave me a mixed feeling of lust and guilt. Thinking about Tanu getting fucked by Rakesh, and me fondling Anjali’s big boobs made me very horny. But a part of me still didn’t want to admit that I also wanted what Rakesh wanted.

After the germination of that fantasy, meeting Rakesh at work only watered that seed further. He knows me very well, so it didn’t take him much time to read my mind. One day he invited me for after-work drinks, something we did often. We met at our favourite pub. After some insignificant small-talk, he brought the topic up.

I finally admitted to him that the idea was exciting. On hearing that Rakesh had the same wicked grin on his face, he always has in matters of lust. We winked at each other, and with that the same old best friends were back. After another rounds of drinks, I asked him, “But how will we fulfill our fantasy, how will we convince our wives”?

Rakesh seemed to have already thought through it, as he always did in all important matters. He told me that I shouldn’t be worried about Anjali, as she is quite open-minded in such matters. He said they both were very frank and open with each other in terms of sharing their fantasies and watching all sorts of porn. He even told me that one of Anjali’s fantasies is exhibitionism. I said, “That explains her low-neck tops and mini-skirts whenever I came over”! We laughed over it.

Then he came to Tanu. He said to me, “You being her husband should know better, but as per my interaction with her she is not a ‘sati-savitri’ either”! Then he told me about all the occasions when and how Tanu flirted with him. I was bit surprised on listening to some bits. She said to him suggestive things like “Saali (as she calls Anjali – didi) to aadhi-gharwali hoti hai”. Similarly, a few days before that Rakesh-Tanu incident, Tanu went to Rakesh/Anjali’s home, and when told by Rakesh that Anjali isn’t home she said flirtingly, “So what? can’t I come to meet you”? and spent over two hours there alone with Rakesh. Surprisingly, Tanu never told me that Anjali wasn’t home and only Rakesh was. She just behaved as she’s come back after meeting Anjali.

Rakesh further told me that, after that incident when he had discussions with Anjali, explaining himself, Anjali confined in him that at times Tanu does behave in a slutish manner. She told him that how on their outings she often flirts around with men. And that Tanu often talks about a male colleague of her’s named James, and how she has a strong crush on him.

So Rakesh said that if his reading of Tanu is correct, then it’s not going to be very hard to convince her. He also told me that he was quite confident that Anjali will agree, as she was open to sexual-experimentation. We decided that we should start working on our fantasy.

On that night, I was bit unsettled by all that Rakesh told me about Tanu. I wondered if it was true, or had Rakesh made it up to shift the blame of his misbehavior on Tanu. Though unwittingly, I was very quiet, and didn’t speak to Tanu much. She must have felt it. Next evening, she confronted me about my mood and me ignoring her. I initially brushed it off, but she didn’t let it go. Then I couldn’t stop myself from venting out my suspicions.

Firstly, I asked her about that particular visit of her’s to Rakesh/Anjali’s house and her spending time with Rakesh in Anjali’s absence. She tried to raise her voice on me and counter-questioned me that didn’t I promise I will cut all ties-off with Rakesh? But I told her to just answer the question. She didn’t have any proper explanation, and said that she spent time there just like that. And that it meant nothing.

Then I asked her about her flirting with Rakesh and other men (told her that Anjali spilt her beans). She said both Rakesh and Anjali were lying.

Then I took the name of her colleague (James), and asked her, “What about him”?

On hearing his name, her face went pale, and she couldn’t meet my eyes. She made a few futile attempts to deny and explain things, but I didn’t let her off the hook.

I told her that Rakesh’s behaviour the other day wasn’t without gradual encouragement from your side. And I also said, “How do I know if you are haven’t already slept with James”? She asked how could I even say such a thing?

I told her, “Because now I know what you really are, you slut”!

I also told her that from now onward she is free to sleep around with her James and all other men she fancies, and so would I with all the females I want to.

She then did all the feminine tricks and dramas to “make me understand”. But I didn’t pay any heed to her explanation.

It went on like that for next couple of days.

Then I had a mature talk with her. I told her that I am a modern man, and you a modern woman. We both should be honest with each other, and can explore our sexuality by discussing about it like two mature adults. She agreed with that. I poured her and myself large drinks of whisky on ice. Then I told her that we should make a start by sharing our sexual fantasies. I asked her to tell her’s first. Firstly she just told me the insignificant stuff like chocolate bath etc.

I then light-heartedly asked her about her flirting with other men. She again tried to deny it, but I made her feel easy and relax. She finally admitted that it makes her feel good about herself. She said it same in case of Rakesh. She said that she didn’t want to lead him on to what he did. I said, “I understand, but if a hottie like you will temp any man, most of them will lose their control, in spite of knowing it’s not right and is illegal”. The smile on her face confirmed that she loved my compliment.

Then she asked me to share mine. I said, “Leave it, you will not like it”.

She said, “No, please tell me”. I again showed my reluctance. But she strongly insisted.

So I dropped the bomb, “It’s wife-swapping”.

She said, “WHAT?!! Are you serious”?

I said, “I am. I told you, you would not like it”.

She said, “No, it’s just that I didn’t expect you would say something like that”.

“I wanted to be honest with you”, I replied.

”I appreciate that”, she said.

There was an uncomfortable silence. I picked up the whisky bottle to refill our glasses. Then she asked, “But swap me in exchange for whom”?

I said, “That’s for us to decide together. But first you have to be fine with the idea. Are you”?

She said, “I don’t know. It feels wrong”.

I told her, “It is what it is. I will not put any pressure on you. If you don’t want it, let’s just forget it”.

She said, “No, no, let’s talk about it…. You must have thought about it, if it’s your fantasy…. Tell me, who you have in mind”?

I told her straight away, “Anjali and Rakesh”.

Her eyes widened in shock. “What”?!!!

I said, “Yes”.

“But why only them out of the whole fuckin world”, she asked?

Firstly, because it’s not something we can go and do with any random couple. Secondly, Rakesh is already willing, and Anjali too is almost ready”, I replied.

Tanu was again at a loss of words. And understandably so!

I said, “Well…what do you think”?

She said, “I don’t know…I mean….”.

“You can think over it, no pressure on you”, I said interrupted her.

That night she hardly slept, nor did I.

Next day, in the office, I narrated the whole conversation to Rakesh. He was delighted. I was also happy to learn from him that Anjali is almost ready, but she wanted to talk to Tanu about it first. Anjali and Tanu hadn’t talked to each other after that Rakesh-Tanu incident.

I went home that evening and told Tanu about what Anjali has said. Tanu said she was feeling uncomfortable in talking to Anjali about it. So I rang up Rakesh and told him what Tanu said.

He said, “Don’t worry, I’ll bring Anjali over to your house tomorrow evening”.

Next day we met at work and discussed about the evening’s plan.

As planned, Rakesh and Anjali came over in the evening. There was an uncomfortable silence among all of us. But Rakesh, as always, was good at breaking the ice. After the smiles were back on the faces, I asked the two ladies to go to another room and talk. The both got up and went. They were back within 10 minutes.

Rakesh and I asked them, “So, what’s the plan”?

The both gave shy smiles. Rakesh and I instantly knew our fantasy is all set to become a rality! We were elated.

Rakesh again took over and said, “Don’t take tension, we’ll not rush into anything, let’s be back at being close friends first, as before”.

With that Rakesh got up and extended a hand of friendship towards Tanu. Tanu accepted and they shook hands. Rakesh naughty then kissed her hand….and we all laughed at it.

Then Rakesh suggested that why don’t we all go to some tourist resort over the coming weekend, to make it more comfortable and fun.

I thought it was a great idea and said yes on Tanu’s behalf too!

After Mr and Mrs Rakesh left, I asked Tanu, “What you girls talked about”?

She told me that Anjali was like “Tanu, I want you to take a call on this. It you are not comfortable with it, then it will not happen”.

I asked, “What did you say”?

Tanu said, “I told her that I really want to help my man fulfil his fantasy. She said, so did she for Rakesh. So we both were like, alright let’s do it”.

I kissed her and said, “Thank you love”!

As planned, that weekend, we drove down to a beautiful spot in the lap of nature for couple of nights stay. The four hours’ drive was ‘uneventful’. Once we reached, we decided to get fresh and then all four of us to meet in one of the two suites we had booked. I told Tanu to just relax and go with the flow. She seemed quite relaxed anyway.

So within an hour we were all sitting in the lounge of the suite. Our smart wives knew how to dress-up for the occasion, as both were looking stunning in their short and sexy dresses. Rakesh had already ordered cocktails and drinks. We had a couple of drinks and then I brought the topic up.

I said, “Ladies, we all know very well why we are here, so let’s stop feeling shy and uncomfortable about it. If we are doing it, then let’s enjoy it to the fullest.”

Both Tanu and Anjali smiled and nodded their heads.

I said, “Okay then, let’s do a formal swap! Tanu you go and sit with Rakesh, and Anjali you come and sit next to me”.

They both obeyed me like obedient wives should!

Rakesh, starting to get drunk again, said to Tanu, “Darling, you can sit next to me for now, but within a few minutes you’ll be on my lap”!

Tanu rolled her eyes sarcastically, and we all laughed again.

We had a couple of more drinks and then played an adult trivia game… it was fun, and also loosened us up further. The effect of drinks and adult games was now showing.

Anjali had already started becoming very touchy with me. And I was loving her boobs brushing and rubbing with my arm.

On the opposite couch, Tanu had also become very relaxed and cozy. She wasn’t bothered anymore that her dress has risen up to the point that almost whole of her milky-white and smooth thighs were exposed. Rakesh had even kept his hand on Tanu’s thigh. That sight made me very horny.

I declared, “Time for the next step”.

They all asked, “And what’s that”?

I said, “The wives will smooch their new husbands”!

Rakesh and Tanu were like, “You guys first, you guys first”.

I looked at Anjali. And she said “What the hell..” and with that she grabbed me and planted her rose-buds of lips on mine. Half of her body was on top of me. Her boobs were crushing into my chest. Then she sat on top of my thighs and pressed her cleavage and boobs on my face. It was only when Rakesh and Tanu started hooting, that Anjali stopped.

Rakesh said, “Well done wifey”!

And Tanu simply looked at me with a suggestive smile.

Anjali said, “Okay your turn now”!

Tanu didn’t make as confident a start as Anjali did. She simply smiled and looked at Rakesh, and went in for a smooch. But that was all the trigger Rakesh needed. He inserted his palm in between Tanu’s inner thighs, and started moving it inside-out and upside-down. He must have touched her wet pussy, as the intensity of Tanu’s embrace and smooch instantly surged. But immediately after that she broke the kiss. Anjali and I clapped for the other couple.

Rakesh asked me naughtily, “So what’s the next step now? A blowjob I believe”!

Anjali said “Shut up”!

I said, “Why not, I am game for it”!

But Tanu shyly said, “No more, over here”.

Rakesh emphasised on “over here” and said to me, “You got it? ‘Over here’ are the keywords”!

I said, “Got it! Anyway it’s about midnight now….so let’s retire for the night with our new partners”.

With that, we exchanged our “good nights” and naughty “good lucks”. Anjali and I left that suite for our suite. Just then, Rakesh ran over to us with Anjali’s bag and reminded us of exchanging the ladies’ suit-cases as well. We three walked to our suite. He took Tanu’s bag and gave me a wink, and shut the door.

I told Anjali that she can go and change. She went to the bathroom. I changed into my night-dress in the bedroom itself. When Anjali returned, she was looking gorgeous in a very revealing nighty. He boobs were almost popping out of the nighty. I beckoned her to come and sit on my lap. She came over slowly and did as told. I gave her a soft kiss on her lips. She reciprocated.

She asked me in soft voice, “why didn’t you ever tell me before that you had hots for me”?

I said, “I gave you hints”!

She asked, “Such as”?

“Don’t tell me you never caught my roving eyes perving on your cleavage and thighs” I replies.

“You fool, I gave you much bigger hint by exposing so much cleavage and legs for you, whenever you visited”, she retorted.

I said, “Yes, I should have noticed why it was happening almost every time. Bit foolish of me!…But Rakesh told me that you have exhibitionist fantasy”?

“Oh, he told you that too? Idiot!…But yes, that’s true” she replied.

“So what all have you done to make that fantasy a reality”, I asked?

“Let’s just say you are not the only one who got lucky every time you visited my home”, she said naughtily!

“Oh wow! Who else”, I asked?

“I am not going to reveal that” she said with a smile.

“All right. So let’s talk about what you are willing to reveal tonight”, I said looking at her beautifully big tits.

She smiled shyly. I lay her down on bed and got on top of her. My dream of playing with those fleshy balls became a reality. I fondled, squeezed and sucked on them like crazy. She also encouraged me to be rough with them.

I then got up and removed my shirt and lower. My manhood gave her a salute. She admired it by holding it in her hands, and then, without me asking, she went down on her knees, and took it in her mouth. “Rakesh has trained his wife well”, I thought to myself.

Thinking of wife, my thoughts suddenly went to the possibilities of what all that horny bastard Rakesh must be doing to Tanu.

I had no way of knowing. Anjali’s rhythmic blowjob brought me back to the beautiful reality.

I then asked her to get up and get naked.

She dropped her nighty, and slipped down her panty. I told her to turn around, so that I can feast my eyes on her entire naked body, including her gorgeous ass.

I admired her body. And then ordered her to come and sit on my cock.

She came on top of me, squatted and adjusted my erect dick to the entrance of her pussy.

My dick smoothly slipped into her drenched pussy. Her huge boobs bounced as she got into an up-down rhythm….

I fucked her three times that night. We slept at around three in the morning.

Next day, we woke up late and had another session of love-making. We imagined and joked about Tanu and Rakesh. We then got up and bathed together. Then I dressed her up, by putting on her bra and panty, and her dress…something I liked to do with Tanu too.

We then went out to the other suite to meet our partners in sin. The ‘do not disturb’ sign was still on the door. We laughed and decided to go and have breakfast. Half an hour later, when we had already finished our breakfast, the two lust-birds showed up. They looked at us, and waved. Then came over and sat with us.

Rakesh again winked and asked, “So guys, how was it”?

Anjali and I just laughed a little.

Anjali asked, “You guys tell us, how was it for you….you even took much longer than us”?!

Rakesh said, “I don’t kiss and tell”!

We again laughed.

Just then Anjali brought to everyone’s notice a hickey on Tanu’s upper chest. I noticed another one on her neck.

Anjali said, “Those hickeys are telling how eventful you night must have been”!

“You have no idea”, replied Rakesh with a cheeky smile.

I then proposed that “why don’t we boys and girls split up and meet later for lunch”?

“Great idea”, said Rakesh.

So, no sooner Rakesh and Tanu finished their breakfast, off when the girls, and off went the boys.

Rakesh raised his hand in the air, and I did what he was asking for: A high five.

I was curious to know the details about Rakesh’s and Tanu’s encounter.

So I asked, “Now will I have to explicitly ask about it”?

Rakesh smiled and said, “Dude, your missus is really a slut in bed”!!!

I asked in excitement, “Really? Tell in detail”!

He said that he made her do everything that only a real slut would do.

“From fucking her in all holes, to making her do a strip-tease, and from making her talk dirty like a whore, to urinating on her”!

I was astonished, “You did what?!! Really”?!!

“Tanu never lets me fuck her ass. She complains that it pains too much. And you are saying, not only that, she even let you piss on her? Wow”, I was amazed!

“She likes to get dominated in the bedroom. Domination, that’s the key to make your doll dance”, replies Rakesh, like a Kamasutra expert!

“Okay! It seems, I’ll have to see you doing it with her” I said.

“Don’t worry, it’s only a matter of time, our ladies would soon be doing threesome and foursome with us”, assured Rakesh.

“Now, let’s just go and celebrate our fantasy becoming a reality…and also plan something more exciting for tonight”, said Rakesh winking again.

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