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Working Lady Wanted Male Escort

Hi friends…I am Sandeep from Visakhapatnam working in MNC company of 25 years with 5”9’ height fair in complexion .I do male escort and massage as a free service to girls, aunties and unsatisfied women as I am very much horny and masturbate daily .

Here comes the heroine of the story her name is Reena working lady in software company of age 33 with 5’6 height with very sexy sizes of 34-26-30 .every sexy boy who see her will become horny and want to fuck her . she is from Hyderabad visited Visakhapatnam for 15 days as she came here for official work and stays in her relatives home when she visits Visakhapatnam.

I got a mail from her seeking that she wants to hire me for a night. I replied her and conversation started for a night and we both exchanged our numbers and we planned to make a program on weak end as it weak off for both of us. We used to chat and talk over phone for two days and non-vegs talking are going on daily m very much eagerly waiting to meet her even she is awaiting. At last it was Saturday and planned to meet at afternoon 3 p.m.I took a room in nice hotel in Visakhapatnam with sea view facing.

I arranged hot drinks and made the room with full of balloons inside with dim lighting .she ranged the bell and I open the door as soon as she entered the room she surprised to see the room and felt very happy and we had formal hug. Even I surprised to see a beautiful lady looking like angel .she dressed with 3/4th yellow paint and black t-shirt .m become very horny seeing her .she sat on couch facing opposite to each other i have offered a drinks for her .

we have completed one round with chit chatting and we became so close. She asked me to massage now .i told to her change the dress she went to wash room to change the dress sand she came out with a nice baby doll which is transparent and I can see the inners very easily .i made her lie on the bed and started to apply oil on her feet and I was rolling my hand to massage her till her ass after that I poured some oil on her ass and belly ,boobs and massaging her body she moaning like hell mean while my dick became very hard and she caught with left hand .she removed my t-shirt and jean .

i was in boxer .she was shocked to see my dick size 0f 7” and 2.5” thick her husband has less than my size .she was playing with my dick and stroking and started smooching for ten mins simultaneously si was pressing her boobs and she is playing with dick.i sucked her boobs one by one and changed our positions to 69.

She pushed me on the couch and sat on my lap and was smooching me and bit my ear lobes and told u have awaken the wild side inside me and now handle it. I replied my pleasure, and started licking her face and biting her ear lobes. She was breathing heavily and licking my face and biting my lips. Even I bit her lips but softly and passionately that raised her and she was moaning hard.

I was scratching her back while I was holding and licking her neck. I was licking her cleavage now, wow shes got milky silky boobs. Now I started licking her boobs and then her nipples was teasing me. I was rubbing my lips on her nipples and teasing her. she was moaning and breathing heavily.

She just pulled my face and stick it on her boobs, then I took her nipples inside my mouth and started sucking it, I was biting her nipples softly between my lips and started sucking her nipples and then her boobs. I was sucking her boobs hard, she was holding my hairs and moaning aaah aaah aaaah aaah. Then I carried her towards bed, wow she was heavy, I dropped her on my bed and then started licking her navel slowly and biting it, I licked her belly button.

Then she asked me to lick her armpits, so I started licking her armpits also, and she was moaning very high aah aaah ooooh then licked her white feet and sucked her pinkish toes, I moved licking her feet and towards her thighs and then licked her thighs and bit it , I then spread her legs and started licking her inner thighs and sniffing her pussy was full wet, and started kissing her pussy like mad and kissed all over her pussy.

It was little bit hairy, the I started licking her pussy lips, then I spread her pussy lips and she had a very good clit ,I touched her clit with my finger and started pressing it. She was moaning aaah ooooh ohhh yess take it inside your mouth.

I then kissed her clit softly and the started sucking her clit. I was biting her clit and pulling it with my lips then started sucking it, she was holding my head and pushing it against her pussy, I was licking her pussy and now I started licking near her pussy hole area, she was like oooh ohhhh. After few mins she came and she got a good orgasm, her I just inserted my tongue in her hole and sucked her sperms inside my mouth.

We continued our sessions till morning 4 A.M had 7 rounds till that time and slept..Early in the morning she sucking my dick as I’m in deep sleep .and stares another session in bathroom.She felt very happy with my sex and gave me 20k but I have rejected the money gave back to her.

Later we continued our relation .whenever I visit Hyderabad I meet her at her place as her husband is on tours most of the time .we enjoy a lot when we meet.

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