5 Mind-Blowing Sex Positions That Will Help You Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or a budding one-night stand, variety is the spice of life and knowing some exciting sex positions can make everything in the bedroom a bit more interesting. Keeping things fresh and exciting in the bedroom is important for keeping your relationship functioning. If things have been feeling a bit monotonous or predictable, spicing things up with some new sex positions can go a long way. Here are five mind-blowing sex positions that can help you do just that.

1. The Reverse Cowgirl

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The reverse cowgirl is one of the most well-known sex positions out there and it’s a great way to switch things up. This position involves the woman straddling the man, facing away from him. It offers an entirely different view and sensation than the traditional cowgirl positions and can help spice things up a bit. The man can use his hands to steady himself and the woman can move in whatever way she likes in order to get the most out of this position.

2. The Pretzel Dip

The pretzel dip is a great way to get close and personal with your partner. This position involves one partner lying on their side while the other partner gets into a kneeling position with one leg in between the other partner’s legs. This creates a tighter fit and makes it easier for the man to penetrate deeply. The person in the kneeling position can hold onto the shoulders or hips of the other partner for leverage while thrusting.

3. The Lotus

The lotus position is a classic move and can make for a romantic and intimate experience. This position involves the man sitting cross-legged on the bed while the woman takes a seated position facing him with her legs wrapped around his waist. The couple’s torsos are close enough for a kiss, making it a very intimate experience. The man can use his arms to steady himself and the woman can do the same as they rock together in this sweet position.

4. The Spork

The spork is a unique position with a name derived from the utensil. The partners lie side by side on their sides, facing the same direction. The man then enters the woman from behind while they press their bodies together. The spork offers a unique sensation that can provide a lot of pleasure and excitement. It’s also a position that can be quickly adjusted to improve and intensify the experience.

5. The Bridge

The bridge is a powerful position that involves the man lying on the bed with his legs bent at a 90-degree angle and his feet on the bed. The woman then straddles the man and lifts her legs until her feet are on the bed. This position takes it slow and allows the partners to mutually enjoy all the pleasure and intensity it has to offer.

When it comes to sex positions, the possibilities are endless. Knowing some of these creative and exciting sex positions can help you and your partner explore new possibilities and spice things up a bit in the bedroom. Mixing things up by engaging in different sex positions can help you and your partner stay connected and keep things exciting and interesting.